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June - August

Be part of this incredible experience. Walk along the beaches accompanied by a marine biologist who will be documenting the behavior of sea turtles and their nesting.


Baby Turtle Observation Workshop

August - October


This educational experience takes place in the lighthouse of the Punta Sur Ecological Park where you will have the opportunity to observe how the sea turtles hatch from their shells, and leave their nests towards the ocean. In this Workshop you participate by releasing baby turtles.


International Swimming Competition “Oceanman”

August 7th


It is the only international open water swimming championship designed by swimmers for swimmers. It offers professional and amateur swimmers the opportunity to meet a personal challenge in places that are unique for their beauty.


​​Blue Crab Migration

September - October


Every year the beaches of the Mexican Caribbean receive the visit of the blue crab, one of the best known and outstanding for its beautiful appearance. The beautiful species crosses the road, mangrove and sand to lay its small eggs in the sea.


Mexico's independence day

September 15th


Mexican Independence Day, a national holiday that celebrates the Independence of Mexico. On September 15, both residents and visitors gather around the Town Hall to participate in the traditional festivities, that include traditional dishes, danche and folk music, made by the Mayor of Cozumel from the balcony of the town hall at 11:00 pm.


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